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I moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles in October 2012.

The move provided a unique opportunity - do I ship my Vespa down in the Uhaul with everything else. Or do I drive it.

So in the best one-man reenactment of Dumb & Dumber I drove from SF to LA all along the PCH. 13 hours on the road.

It was gorgeous and one of the best experiences. Such beautiful country and a great way to see it.

I drove carefully -- had a spare fuel tank too (that I never actually needed). I kept my distance from other drivers, fearing they wouldn't see me or might even fuck with me.

At one point about 30 Harleys came up on me. I slowed thinking they're gonna fuck with me. They didn't. They swarmed around me and adopted me for about 10 miles. It was cool.

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